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Marshall Series Analysis Chess Set: - 2-7/8in King (heavily weighted with extra queens)

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Excellent for schools and chess clubs!
This premium plastic analysis chess set features a 2.875" King with a 1.375" diameter base and weighs an impressive 25 ounces.

We are proud to offer one of the world's finest analysis-size Plastic Chess Sets - The Marshall Quadruple Weighted Plastic Analysis Chess Set by The House of Staunton. These Chessmen are made from the highest quality plastic and will provide years of enjoyment. This very heavily set has been crafted to replicate the classical styling of the Legendary Jaques of London Chessmen from the early 1900s. The set was named after the legendary US Chess Player Frank Marshall, who was the United States Chess Champion from 1909-1936, a reign of 27 years that is unlikely to be equaled. Frank was one of the original Chess Grandmasters, a title that was granted by Russian Tsar Nicholas II in 1914.

These Chessmen are new and each set consists of 34 Chessmen, 17 light and 17 dark (including the two additional Queens.)