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Pocket Fritz 3

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By ChessBase
Pocket Fritz 3 is the ultimate mobile chess companion, ready to play anywhere and anytime. It may be small in size, but its playing strength is gigantic. Its brand-new chess engine, developed by Mark Uniacke, has a well-balanced positional style with first-class tactical strength. Pocket Fritz 3 is considerably stronger than its predecessor - the estimated playing strength is 2550 ELO!

The design, operation and general usability of Pocket Fritz 3 is supurb - after all, we are dealing with the younger brother of the world's finest chess program, Fritz. Beautiful piece sets, multiple screen layouts, optimised for different functions, easy entry of moves and comments, display of opening names, help from the built-in chess coach, display of threats, an integrated training system for openings, tactics, & endgames - this is what you get with the new program. And some icing on the cake: twelve hours of chess training in the Chess Media Format with audio commentary by GM Daniel King & IM Andrew Martin. Pocket Fritz 3 guarantees fun & enjoyment, genuine chess training, and professiona online access. Have fun, play chess, anywhere and everywhere - with Pocket Fritz!

System Requirements: Runs on Pocket PCs with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Mobile 5.0, Mobile 6.0, Mobile 6.1; for installation of the program, you will need a Windows computer with a DVD drive.