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Product ID#: 13306

Chess King Pro - Multiprocessor

Stnd. Pricing: 149.00
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Featuring Houdini 2 Pro Multiprocessor Engine & the GigaKing Games Database!
"Improve Your Game, Learn New Tricks, or Simply Play for Fun"

Chess King has all the features you'll need to improve your game. It analyzes your every move & keeps games stored for easy reference. Using Chess King's comprehensive database of master games and its Grandmaster-level engine will give you the edge when it comes to reviewing your games & preparing for your next tournament.

  • Houdini 2 Pro Chess Engine - "World's Strongest Chess Engine"
  • GigaKing Database of over 5 million games
  • Over 1500 Training Puzzles
  • 100 Entertaining Quest Games
  • Hundreds of random starting positions
  • Classical Chess Play at any level you choose
  • Analysis of games with built-in opening tree
  • Storage of Games, with many import/export options
  • Fully compatible with Classical Chess & Chess 960
System Requirements: DVD-ROM drive, Windows 7/XP/Vista.