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English 1.c4 e5

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By ChessBase
With the move 1.c4, you can avoid some of the openings and lines to be feared after 1.d4. Following 1.c4 e5 ? this move order is also called reversed Sicilian ? arises an independent opening which, however, still leaves space for many transpositions. To deal with the vast amount of material requires expert skill and great knowledge of the variations, both qualities distinguishing the author, Grandmaster Mihail Marin. The total number of 69,000 games on the CD shows the gigantic field he managed to cover. His enormous work is reflected in no less than 60 database texts and 330 games, exclusively annotated for this CD. Further more, there is a training database with 46 games.
  • suitable for advanced players
  • extensive opening course in 60 chapters
  • three databases with about 69,000 games
  • 330 games annotated by the author, 1,800 in total
  • training database