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Pioneered by GM Gideon Barcza and later revived by Danish GM Bent Larsen, the Franco Benoni is, as its name implies, a cross between the French and the Benoni based on 1?e6 and 2?c5. This resilient, spring-like pawn structures is especially effective against unsuspecting 1. e4 players and can serve as a universal black defence against 1. e4, 1. d4. or 1. c4. Black has to be prepared to meet Benoni lines after 3. d5, but most 1. e4 players hang back from queen's pawn structures, often entering a little known Sicilian Paulsen or Alapin backwater where the black player is better prepared. Includes more than 13,000 games, 800 annotated, a discussion of basic ideas and patterns, an Opening Tree, and 37 training positions.