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French Without Nc3

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The French Defense has a proven reputation for adaptibility and soundness, and is attractive to the Black player who seeks a complex strategic fight in unbalanced positions, with healthy counterplay and many chances to decide sharp battles in his favor! Black's defensive resources are based on a sound strategic foundation, and White must be alert at all times and willing to play forcefully and incisively in order to try to prove his advantage in positions with chances for both sides. (Neven) The second of Knut Neven's work on the French Defence covers all variations after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 and without 3.Nc3. The three main databases contain more than 70000 games, more than 1000 with annotations. In 12 database texts the author explains not only the most important variations but also themes and plans, with links allowing you immediately play through the relevant sample games. Furthermore the CD features a theme key granting specific access to all motifs and games, large variation tree as well as a special database with training tasks.