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Fritz Endgame Turbo 4: Syzygy Tablebases (DVD)

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  Brand New for 2011 - From ChessBase
The Endgame Turbo 4 consists of 4 DVDs with endgame databases (Syzygy Tablebases). With the help of the Endgame Turbo, all five- and 27 six-piece endgames (including the sophisticated and practice-oriented endgame (R,P,P vs. R) are played with absolute perfection. Likewise, top chess engines like Komodo and Houdini handle endgames with more than six pieces much better since the programs can already access the endgame knowledge during the analysis. Definitely a must-have for correspondence players, endgame theoreticians and friends of engine matches! The Endgame Turbo 4 contains all endgames with three pieces up to five pieces. Plus 27 of the most important endgames with 6 pieces.

System Requirements (minimum): Pentium III 1GHz, Windows 8/7/Vista, 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, Fritz 14 or Komodo 8/9 or Houdini 4 OR ChessBase 12/13, 20 GB free hard disk space; (recommended for improved peformance): Intel Core i7, 2.8 GHz, 4GB RAM (in addition to other requirements above).