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Fritz Technique Trainer

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By ChessBase
Winning won positions ? Who would not like to be able to do that, but has often enough fallen down on the job? For many people it is even the main problem when playing chess: they often have such good positions and nothing comes out of it. What then could be closer to their heart than training to convert winning positions naturally with Fritz! To bring this about, Henrik Schloessner has sought out positions, which can be won even against the cool program itself. It is rarely about finding combinations to solve the problem. Usually the win can be achieved in different ways. But there are always a few obstacles to be swept out of the way, and then you will always experience the sweet smell of success.
  • 102 winnable game positions
  • explanations as how to go about things
  • appropriate examples of how to win
  • classified according difficulty
  • with multimedia database ?Brains in Bahrain?