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Fritz Trainer Openings: ABCs of King's Indian

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By ChessBase
In this original and entertaining DVD, International Master Andrew Martin takes you on a guided tour of this fascinating and creative opening. Through the use of complete games, both classic and modern and some repertoire suggestions, Martin paints a comprehensive picture of the current state of play and looks towards the future. This DVD will inspire all players and demonstrate that the King?s Indian is very much alive on the modern master scene.
  • 1st Chapter - Introduction 02:32 min, Ljukmanov vs. Martin 21:10 min, Ljukmanov vs. Martin solution 00:38 min, Martin vs. Buckley 20:27 min
  • 2nd Chapter - Classical games intro and Donner-Gligoric 18:49 min, Kortschnoj vs. Fischer 13:09 min, Ftacnik vs. Cvitan 09:44 min, Summerscale vs. Hebden 14:58 min, Vitiugov vs. Khismatullin 14:21 min
  • 3rd Chapter - 4 pawns attack intro and Daces-Mrdja 11:43 min
  • 4th Chapter - S?misch variation intro and Karpov-Kasparov 13:06 min, Platonov vs. Shamkovitch 08:23 min, Some thoughts on 6. ...c5 06:57 min, Analysis against 6. Bg5 07:25 min
  • 5th Chapter - Fianchetto intro Mattonen-Vooremaa 09:28 min, Burmakin vs. Morozevich 09:35 min
  • 6th Chapter - Systems with an early Bg5 intro and Schandorff-Nataf 14:15 min, Averbakh 6 ... Na6 analysis 05:47 min, Chernin vs. Cebalo 11:38 min
  • 7th Chapter - Other white systems intro and Behrmann-Tartar 08:38 min, Williams vs. Gallagher 08:27 min, 8th Chapter: Closing remarks 02:11 min
Total running time: 3 h 53 min.