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Monograph Bobby Fischer

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By ChessBase
All world champions take up an important place in history of chess, but hardlyany has achieved such popularity outside the chess scene as Robert Fischer. Inhis heyday he did an incredibly amount for chess. His masterpiece, of course,are the many brilliant games. Dr. Robert Hubner has thoroughly examined Fischer's biggest and best known publication, ?My Sixty Memorable Games?.This ChessBase monography includes reports on Fischer's most important chessmatches, including contemporary material.

The CD contains a database with an introduction by Robert H?bner, as well as Hubner's analysis of Fischer's "My 60 memorable games". The main database contained on the CD has all of Fischer's games, with an introductorytext to the most important matches and tournaments. There are exactly 1000entries, of which 44 are tournament reports, the rest games. About half of thegames, 462 in all, are annotated, many very extensively. All the reports are inEnglish and German. The Fischer CD also contains many pictures and 330 MB ofhistorical film footage.