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Monograph Emanuel Lasker

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By ChessBase
Emanuel Lasker became world champion in 1894 and kept this title until 1921. These almost incredible 27 years on the throne are more than enough to yield Lasker a very special place in the history of chess. However, Lasker's fantastic series of tournament successes which - like Kasparov's record of success today - didn't come to an end when he lost the title of the world champion, emphasize his extraordinary position in the chess world even more. Lasker's style wasn't understood by his contemporaries, and prejudice and misjudgement on his play persist until this day. That's why the ChessBase biography above all takes a very close look at Lasker's chess.
  • extensive curriculum vitae
  • complete collection of all 1182 known Lasker games or game fragments
  • informative reports of all significant tournaments
  • special reports on Lasker's world championship matches
  • special analyses to explain Lasker's superiority
  • many annotated games
  • multimedia database containing interviews (with Averbakh, Baumbach among others) and video clips from lectures held at the Lasker conference in Potsdam (by H?bner, Unzicker, Lilienthal and others).