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Monograph Mikhail Tal

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By ChessBase
The meteoric tempo the young Tal took the world top by storm with at the end of the 50ies and seized the world champion's title from Botvinnik in 1960, is already sufficient to grant him a special place in the world of chess. But more than this, it was the art of his attacking play which conquered the hearts of the chess fans all over the world. Despite his short reign on the throne, Tal thus already became a legend during his lifetime. Johannes Sondermann, author of the biographic part of the CD, has made an objective portrait of the world champion's character. During his extensive research, he also interviewed Tal's widow and so reveals a lot about the "private" Tal as well.
  • collection of all 2857 games of Mihail Tal
  • biographic part (texts + pictures)
  • extensive video interview with Tal's widow
  • additional historic videos
  • training database with 250 Tal combinations