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Monograph Paul Morphy

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By ChessBase
The history of chess knows many peculiar stories, however, none of them was sospectacular like the comet-like rise of Paul Morphy. Within only two years ofactive play, the American defeated the strongest players of his time and gainedthe title of the inofficial world champion. His retirement at the top of hisglory, some circumstances in his life which never got quite clarified as well ashis tragic end made him a legendary figure through and through. The ChessBase CDfeatures an extensive biography and a special tactics database. Moreover, thereare expert analyses of Morphy's playing style by GMs Karten M?ller and RainerKnaak, dealing with the interesting question: ?How was Morphy superior to thiscontemporaries??
  • more than 450 Morphy games biography by Thomas Eichhorn many historical pictures player's portrait by GM Karsten M?ller player's portrait by GM Rainer Knaak
  • tactics database by GM Karten M?ller