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Opposite Colored Bishop Endings

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Apart from the theory of elementary endgames with opposite-coloured bishops, the CD treats the interesting constellations which arise if queen, rook or knight are added on both sides. With 30 texts and more than 150 sample games, the Russian grandmaster systematically examines the important criteria for the treatment of these endgames. When does a positional advantage guarantee victory despite material equality? Why can the stronger side not win although one oder more pawns up? How relevant are factors like an exposed king, the possession of the seventh rank or a central square? Which pawn structure requires which strategy? How to profit most from a passed pawn? Finally you can check your freshly acquired knowledge in 17 selected test games sweating against the clock. Surprise your opponents - and score more points by masterly endgame treatment. For beginners and advanced players. The Grandmaster Chess School was founded by Alexander Khalifman. The FIDE world chess champion of 1999 and other grandmasters of St.Petersburg offer to teach chess.