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Queen's Gambit Orthodox Defense

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By ChessBase
The Orthodox Queen's Gambit is one of the most solid openings, which you can fi nd against 1.d4. The author comments: ?The continuing popularity of the Exchange Variation can be explained by White's unsuccessful attempts to seriously break down the ultra-solid lines of the Queen's Gambit Declined (Tartakower Variation, Lasker Defense, etc.).? Besides the typical minority attack there are quite varied ways of playing the Exchange Variation, such as long castling for White and then an attack on the king, or else a build-up with e3, Bd3, Nge2, f3 and e4. This very variety has contributed to the fact, that almost all world champions have made use of the Exchange Variation. The list in the large database contains 16 texts, in which, above all, the various strategic possibilities are handled in excellent fashion. If you have understood these ideas, you do not need much theoretical knowledge in order to play the Exchange Variation.

Queen's Gambit, Orthodox Defense, Exchange Variation D31/D35-D36
  • suitable for advanced players
  • more than 31,000 games
  • approx. 800 annotated games, 155 of which by the author
  • a special strategy key
  • a carefully constructed training database with almost 100 questions