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The Gruenfeld

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By ChessBase
The Gruenfeld is one of the most aggressive openings against 1.d4, and it's no wonder that Garry Kasparov has included it into his opening repertoire. Playing with White, one is well-advised to accept the challenge since in the harmless variations it's usually already Black who dictates the course of action. In the main lines, however, theoretical knowledge is of great importance. Knut Neven has taken on the great task of arraning the huge amount of data ? all more than 60,000 games ? in a clear-cut way, appropriately dealing with all important variantions.
  • suited for club players
  • clear-cut learning database with 600 games
  • opening course in 39 chapters
  • more than 200 games annotated by the author
  • three databases containing a total of 67.000 games
  • training database