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The Slav Defence

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By ChessBase
The solidity of the Slav is obvious. With the moves 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 Black supported his center while at the same time leaving scope for his bishop c8. Experience has shown that White has grave difficulties to obtain an opening advantage. There are nearly 32.000 games on this CD. Thus, what is called theory, here is of an enormous size and accordingly the achievement of the author far surpasses the usual standards. After three introductory texts grandmaster Dorian Rogozenko follows up with no less than 86 database texts, which introduce the respective variations. The author scrutinized 154 games especially for this CD. Together with the Slav-games regularly reviewed by Robert H?bner for the ChessBase magazine, this amounts to an enormous fund, from which the user can draw. In addition, there is a tree of all games and a training database.