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The Van Geet

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By ChessBase
Opening repertoires generally operate by restricting your opponent's options. The dirty little secret, of course, is that you?re limiting your own at the same time. The van Geet operates on the opposite principle ? invite your opponent to play in an arena where literally anything goes, where variations matter less than understanding and agility, where experience with specific positions is personally earned and extended each time you choose to start a game with 1 Nc3. This CD represents both a basic van Geet openings manual and an up-to-date theoretical database, designed to serve both average and advanced players.
  • More than 9000 games
  • 156 annotated games, 130 specially annotated for this CD
  • Introductory Texts, including a van Geet Overview
  • A database of 100 training positions
  • An Opening Tree
  • Reader based on ChessBase 9 (no additional software required!)