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Total Chess Tactics [combo pack]

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Tactics puzzles for Players rated <1000 to 2100. The Complete Series!
Total Chess Tactics consists of 3 CD's: Chess Tactics Level 1, 2, 3, which in turn, correspond to Chess Tactics for Beginners 1,2 and Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players courses.
  • Chess Tactics Level 1 is designed for teaching children, either in groups with a teacher or at home guided by parents. It covers a lot of ground, starting from the very first steps.
  • The exercises in Chess Tactics Level 2 are based on carefully selected positions from practical games, endgame studies as well as specially designed training examples.
  • Chess Tactics Level 3 a fundamental training program on chess tactics. Various visual hints are provided if you play the wrong move when doing an exercise. When studying each theme step by step, you master all the tactical methods and improve your play drastically.
Total Chess Tactics contains more than 2550 tactical exercises classified by theme and difficulty to ensure variety and a good understanding of basic tactics.

You get plenty of feedback and opportunity to track your progress.
  • Study the training material and test your knowledge.
  • Review your rating history.
  • Keep track of the progress of multiple users.
  • Compete against your friends and family members.
  • Practice by playing against a chess program.
Languages: English and Spanish.
System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 7/XP/Vista. No additional software required.