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The award-winning film about Chess Kids from around the world - Now on DVD!
Chess Kids is the multiple award-winning documentary which follows some of the world's best students of the game as they competed at the 1990 FIDE World Youth championships in Wisconsin. This film provides a hands-on account of the ups, downs, impressions, and realities of a chess tournament on an international scale, from the perspective of the Chess Coaches & more importantly, straight from the mouths of the "Chess Kids" themselves.

Some of the participants who later went on to become chess celebrities are Judit Polgar, Josh Waitzkin, Bruce Pandolfini, Peter Leko, & Gabriel Schwartzman. Other featured players (and even world champions) later dropped the game for other pursuits in Academics, Law, Mecidine, and Business. In addition to the original 51 minute documentary, there is a bonus, 30 minute "Where are they now" 20th Anniversary edition follow-up.

For parents of "Chess Kids" everywhere--this is a great way to see how players approach the game, approach tournaments, and later use those skills learned as chessplayers to approach life beyond the 64 squares.