Chess Opening Essentials - Volume 1: The Complete 1.e4


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The Ideas & Plans Behind ALL Chess Openings
The Chess Opening Essentials series consists of four volumes. Each is an accessible primer & reference book at the same time, giving a flavor of how each opening works & explains the similarities with other openings as well as the differences. In addition, it also points at the various midlegame plans that apply after the opening has ended.

This thorough, understandable, and very readable manual gives you a foundation on which to build your repertoire. Beginning and improving chess players should get this powerful book before they buy any other chess opening book!
  • Helps beginners to develop a solid understanding of fundamental opening ideas.
  • Gives casual players the ability to choose the opening that suits their style and taste.
  • A tool for club players to test and review their opening repertoire.
  • A reference book to which advanced players keep returning.
Volume 1: The Complete 1.e4 covers all King Pawn games, including Open games (Ruy Lopez) & Semi-Open games (Sicilian, French, Caro-Kann) & more!