Classic Series Chess Set - 4.4in King

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information & description:

Classic Series Wooden Chess Sets

This hand-carved wood chess set features a 4.4" King with a 1.8" diameter base, and total set weight is 74 ounces(minus the 2 extra queens).

Looking for an exceptionally well-crafted wooden tournament chess set at a very reasonable price? Look no further than the Classic Series Chess Sets by the legendary House of Staunton. Designed to replace the low quality chess sets that tend to dominate the lower price range, The Classic Series Chess Sets offer high-quality wooden chess pieces at an affordable cost!

One of the heaviest sets of its size on the market, it is designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining the elegance that has become the hallmark of all House of Staunton chess sets. The design and feel of these chessmen make them ideal for both Tournament and Rapid Play (Blitz) chess.

The Classic Series sets exemplify a 'classic' combination of beauty and functionality. The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range.

Your new chess set comes housed in a cardboard box. The set consists of 34 pieces, 17 light and 17 dark (including the two additional Queens.)