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Design Your Cajun Combo Here!
Choose Your Chess Pieces:
Larger Example
Standard Regulation 3.75" Chess Pieces
Larger Example
Standard Regulation 3.75" Triple-Weighted Pieces (add $3.00)
Larger Example
Stately Knight 3.875" Heavy-Weighted Pieces (add $15.95)
Larger Example
Fischer 4" Quadruple-Weighted Pieces (add $17.95)
Select Your Chess Clock:
No Chess Clock
Diamond Quartz Black (single-face) (add $19.95)
Diamond Quartz Navy-Blue (single-face) (add $19.95)
DGT960 Digital Folding Clock : Black/Red (add $33.95)
DGT North American Digital Clock (add $44.95)
ZmartFun-II : Red Display (add $54.95)
ZmartFun-II : Green Display (add $54.95)
ZmartFun-II : Blue Display (add $54.95)

information & description:

With our Design Your Own Complete Chess Combo, we're giving you the ability to create the Chess Combo that is perfect for you. You can select which chess pieces, board and bag you want. All of our most popular items are available.

The "Standard Combo Set" for $22.95 includes a set of regulation basic pieces, any color vinyl board and any color deluxe bag. If you prefer to "upgrade" your combo to include heavier pieces or a clock, the additional prices listed beside those items will be added to the $22.95 price of the standard combo set.