Folding Chess Board - PVC and Vinyl -- 19.5 in. -- 2.25 in. squares -- Single Fold -- A/N Markings

Currently available in black and white squares only!

Cajun Chess Special
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Our single-fold PVC chess board is fabricated from PVC plastic, a substance that is renowned for its stability and durability. It features a vinyl playing surface and includes Algebraic Notation markings (A-H and 1-8) on the edges, making this an ideal Chessboard for use at the local Chess club or Chess tournament. This Chessboard is made  from the highest quality materials and will resists tears, spills and the most demanding of abuse. The board measures 19.5" x 19.5" x 0.125" unfolded and 9.25" x 19.5" x 0.187" folded. Individual board squares are 2.25" and this board is currently available in black and white squares only.
  • Durable PVC plastic, with vinyl playing surface
  • Single fold; and remains flat when opened
  • 19.5" unfolded, and 9.25" x 19.5" folded
  • 2.25" squares
  • Meets all tournament standards
  • Currently available in black & white squares only