MIDDLEGAME MASTERY COMBO: The Middlegame Book 1 & 2

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Middlegame Theory from a World Champion
One of the very few theoretical works by a World Champion, The Middlegame is a two-volume set explaining the intricate complexities of the heart of any chessgame. With almost 500 master-level examples, Euwe and his co-author IM Kramer demonstrate how chess games are won & lost not usually in Opening Theory, nor even in Technical Endgames, but in the Ideas of the Middlegame!

Book One: Static Features is a study consisting of the relative worth of the pieces, center formations, open & closed formations, the struggle for open lines, weak pawns, and much more.

Book Two: Dynamic & Subjective Features includes the initiative, attacking the King, defense, maneuvering, liquidation, psychological factors, and a discussion on the personal style of many top players.