Pouch-Style Vinyl Demo Board: 36 inch, with Pieces

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  Our Lowest Price ever! Great for Chess clubs and schools!
This 36" demo board features flat disk-type chess pieces which sit in a little plastic pouch on each square. It is a must for teaching, group analyzing, or displaying tournament games in progress. The board has 4" squares and large, easily recognizable pieces which make it perfect for medium to large-sized classes. The top and bottom of the board are supported by wooden dowels, and a strong rope-type cord across the top allows the board to be set up almost anywhere. Tripod, to hold demo board while in use, is available separately.
  • 36" demo board with 4" squares
  • Algebraic notation on all 4 sides
  • Flat disk-type chess pieces
  • Easily recognizable pieces
  • Great for medium or large-sized groups
  • Easy to set up almost anywhere
  • Handy tripod sold separately