Professional Series Chess Set

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These Chessmen are available in the following wood types:
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QTY: Boxwood & Ebonized Larger Example
$179.95 | $159.95
QTY: Boxwood & Rosewood Larger Example
$229.95 | $199.95
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QTY: Black & Ivory Lacquered Larger Example
$199.95 | $179.95
QTY: Red & Natural Lacquered Larger Example
$199.95 | $179.95
QTY: Red & Ivory Lacquered Larger Example
$199.95 | $179.95

information & description:

By The House of Staunton

This hand-carved wooden chess set features a 3.75-inch King with a 1.75-inch diameter base; and the set weighs an impressive 42 ounces(not including additional Queens).

Nothing can heighten your Chess playing experience more than the feel and weight of a finely crafted Staunton chess set. Cajun Chess is proud to offer The House of Staunton Professional Series Chessmen. They are adaptations of a Jaques of London design from the mid-1890s and were used on all boards at the 2000 US Open Chess Championship in St. Paul, MN. These elegant Chessmen feature broad bases with finely turned detail that is normally only found on the much more expensive House of Staunton Chessmen. The design and feel of these Chessmen make them ideal for serious tournament competition.

As with all House of Staunton Chessmen, this set exemplifies the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. The design, quality and workmanship of each House of Staunton piece is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range. Nothing even comes close!

Your brand new chessmen come housed in a House of Staunton Mahogany box which is lined in green billiard cloth, section-divided and features brass quadrant hinges. The House of Staunton logo is silk screened on the lid of the box. Each set consists of 34 Chessmen, 17 light and 17 dark (including the two additional Queens.)

Indulge yourself - Own a legend!

The House of Staunton Professional Series Chessmen were the official Chessmen of the 2006 US Chess Championship in San Diego, California. The top Chess players in the United States, including 17-year old reigning USChampion Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura battled for the Championship with these chessmen.

(Some images and product photos for this item are provided courtesy of The House of Staunton.)