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SID - 142

SMOKE TRAINER'S SMOKE ID LIGHT is visible 8 to 10 feet in zero visibility and up to 30 feet in dense smoke. It illuminates 4 different LED light colors; red, yellow, blue and green in a solid, blinking or strobe mode. The strobe mode is 3X brighter than solid and blinking modes. The different colors and modes help you identify different teams, engine company numbers, instructors, EMS personnel, etc. Each light can be customized to meet department needs. The SID provides "EVA" enhanced visual accountability of firefighters at all times. The SID is activated by a lanyard attached to your air pack that turns on immediately upon exiting your seat. The SID is made of aluminum and stainless steel, is washable with degreasers or soap. The rugged design withstands wear and tear and can be dropped, severely impacted or otherwise abused without malfunction. It weighs 15 ounces, is water-resistant and runs on 4-AA batteries with an average life of 35 hours of operation. It is designed to meet or exceed environmental requirements of NFPA 1981 standard for emergency services, 2007 Edition.


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