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Swayze/ASPE/Warren Hixson Split
One-Third, One-Third, One-Third

Here it is, the 3-way split. 9 songs, 3 from Swayze, ASPE, and Warren Hixson. Each different yet complimenting the rest. These tracks will not be released in any other form, order today. 100% handmade by Arkain personel, we even glued the digipak together and UV screened the disc!

9 song, 3-way Split
Post Folk/Classical/Acoustic/Stuff.


Swayze -
"A Shame Play" - CD

Swayze's sophmore release. 12 dynamic songs filled with story telling and lush instrumentation. None Left, sorry.

Special Online Price!!! ORDER NOW & SAVE!

Indie Folk


Swayze -
Reprinted Edition

The limited edition re-release of Swayze's first album featuring 11 intimate songs. Only 100 made.

Indie Folk


Swayze "Pumpies!" Shirt

Hand printed white pumpies on American Apparel 2001 cranberry shirts.

*Note size when ordering (S, M, L, XL)

Its a Swayze shirt.


Swayze "Frog" Shirt

Hand designed/printed: Brown print on Lemon American Apparel stock.

Comment size when ordering: S, M, L, XL.

Its a Swayze Shirt.!!!


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