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When approaching what is considered the end stage of an illness, the body needs an extra amount of support to maintain strength. While there are many supplements that can also be used to support the body, this combo supplies some of the most important:

1 bottle Liver Strength. The liver is usually the organ that needs the most support and so, this is fundamental for reversing wasting. This liver formula increases health and wellness by calming liver patterns to the point of repairing the signaling pathways to the neurons that control mental patterns. A sort of "digestive aid for the mind", Liver Strength improves the liver's ability to clear the blood, encouraging minerals and electrolytes to travel properly throughout the pathways and veins.

1 bottle Brain Power. Brain Power uses an advanced absorption mechanism to get nutrients into brain cells. This delivery system and combination of nutrients help your brain cells absorb these oils effortlessly and for maximum benefit.

2 MPR Elixir, a frequency-enhanced elixir intended to optimize the enzymatic activity related to methylation pathway repair and DNA damage repair.

2 Liver Detox Pathways Elixir, a frequency-enhanced elixir designed to optimize the function of the detox pathways in the liver. The focus is on upgrading or down-regulating the Phase 1 detox pathways that pull toxins from the blood to be removed by the liver.

2 Whole Body Wellness Elixirs, frequency enhanced water elixirs designed to transmit vibrations to your body that work to correct the broad, deeply enmeshed subconscious energy patterns that may be the underlying cause of poor health and overall dysfunction in your life. The subtle energies in Whole Body Wellness are designed to clear these patterns and to establish new patterns of health and wellness with an emphasis of unconditional love.

2 Cellular Healing Elixirs, supplying vibrational energies that work on clearing any negative energies in your cells and around your cellular DNA. These energies may be an underlying cause of poor cellular function and overall ill health and lack of thriving in life. This elixir is instructed to reprogram cellular and DNA energies to support health and well-being. It also transmits instructions that stimulate healthy reproduction of cells.

2 Quzu, a supercharged elixir with vibrational frequencies delivering instructions to the body to greatly accelerate healing and detoxification. One set of energies turns on the production of endorphins in the brain, creating an explosion of endorphins, enabling the immune system to work much more effectively (as increased endorphins allow the brain to better direct and control immune system response).

2 Endocar, a frequency enhanced elixir designed to help the body deal with the issues that arise as it starts to break down.

This combo saves almost $200.00 off retail pricing.

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