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A group of scientists and researchers from Purdue University spent over 25 years working on the intricacies and biochemical causes for the rampant, uncontrolled growth of a cell leading to cysts and tumors. Recently, they had a major breakthrough, finding that there is a specific Exto-Protein attached to the outer membrane of cells located on a specific chromosome.
This Exto-Protein is particular only to aberrant cells.
Our focus with Max Cellular and Immune Specialist for healthy cellular physiology is to prevent and/or knock off this Exto-Protein pathology.
Both the prevention and the reversal of Exto-Protein can be done by using a Vanilloid-Catechin combination of exactly the right ratio to remove the Exto-Protein from the cell membrane. Without the Exto-Protein, the cell can return to its normal growth and death cycle.
Max Cellular and Immune Specialist contains the perfect ratio of EGCG from Green Tea Extract and a Vanillic acid of Capsicum combined into a powerful 3 capsule dosage of 500 mg.
90 capsules

Ingredients: Proprietary formula 500 mg Green Tea 45% EGCG, Capsicum Annum 90k HU

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