Optimal Immune II/Liver/Fish/Brain Combo

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This combo supplies at a discount: 1 bottle of Optimal Immune 2, 1 bottle of Liver Strength, 1 bottle of Ultimate Fish Blend and 1 bottle of Brain Power and saves you almost $25 off retail pricing.

Optimal Immune 2 is an emulsified oil-based formula that acts as a powerful immune system modulator. In addition, it supports liver, brain and hormonal functions.

Liver Strength is our single strongest liver support supplement, working with Optimal Immune 2 to clean and support the liver. It also is designed to support brain function as does Optimal Immune 2.

Brain Power works with both Liver Strength and Optimal Immune 2 to further enhance brain function and to help it better control the immune system.

Ultimate Fish Blend is fish oil done the right way with the minerals and protein necessary for optimal functioning of the oils in this supplement.

Together these supplements provide powerful nutritional support for healing the body. They form a foundation for maintaining good health or for healing your body. The key to their success and your health lies in the delivery system getting the right nutrients into your cells.

Working in unison, this combination is intended to assist in:
Repair and detoxification
Hormone rejuvenation and metabolic balance
Joint repair
Increasing energy and stability
Balancing the brainŐs electrical systems
Brain and liver cleansing
Nervous system repair
Regeneration of the Immune System
Support for chronic inflammation and immune challenges

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