SOD Production Boost Elixir

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This frequency enhanced elixir tells the body to significantly increase the production of SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) and also Catalase in cells. SOD is the most important antioxidant enzyme in the body, being responsible for the neutralizing of Super Oxides produced by the mitochondria with it uses oxygen to make energy. Catalase is the second most powerful free radical fighting enzyme produced by the body. It works synergistically with SOD to remove free radicals from cells.

SOD is so powerful, fruit flies genetically modified to produce double the amount of SOD lived twice as long as ordinary fruit flies. Researchers discovered that the reason women live longer then men is that they make more SOD than men do. They over-express a gene that turns on production of SOD.

As our elixirs are excellent at turning on expression of genes, and production of enzymes, when I read about the many benefits of SOD, I decided to make this elixir to turn on production of SOD and catalase to optimal levels for super health and longevity. Of course, because SOD is the number one antioxidant in the body, helping all other antioxidants you consume work better to boot, it helps with many health issues too. Anything where free radical damage plays a role in the development of that illness. As such, it is one of the top elixirs to use, long term for overall health and longevity, and short term to deal with some of those ill health conditions.

Our SOD Production Boost Elixir would be more effective than ordinary SOD supplements that may increase blood levels of SOD, but do little to get it into the cells, where you need it. By telling your body to turn on production of SOD in cells, SOD Production Boost creates more SOD where you need it most.
2 ounce dropper bottle. Use 1 to 6 bottles a month.

Ingredients: The base of all the elixirs is Purified spring water, organic orange and rosemary essential oils.

The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

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