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Everything produces a subtle vibrational energy. Even the written word. This technology takes the subtle energy of specific instructions and infuses those instructions as vibrational frequencies in the water that are also in the unit. It is able to concentrate those energies to such a degree that when someone takes just small amounts of this water, the cells in their body, which use vibrational frequencies as one means of communication, are able to pick up these instructions and act on them.

The Sickle Cell Anemia Elixir directs the body to take actions that will reduce the damage caused by sickle cell anemia in a number of ways. These are actions that no herbal or vitamin formula alone could do. The body is told to:

1. Increase production of Nitric Oxide, and specifically increase production of the enzymes that are needed to produce Nitric Oxide, especially Nitric Oxide syntase. Additional instructions are added to prevent and reduce the formation of peroxynitrate -- a damaging free radical.

2. Increase production of pancreatic metabolic enzymes. Among other benefits, these enzymes will be used by the body to digest some of the dead sickle cells that are clogging the arteries or spleen.

1. Significantly increase cellular oxygen uptake to better prevent pain and cellular damage, and to enhance cellular repair.
2. Decrease production of hemoglobin S and sickle cells. Sickle cells are produced by hemoglobin S.
3. Increase production of hemoglobin A and healthy red cells. Healthy red blood cells are produced by hemoglobin A. These two instructions alone will reduce the overall ratio of sickle cells to healthy cells in the body and thus improve overall healty and functioning.
4. Stop or reduce the sickle cell pain crisis.
5.Fight infections more effectively by optimizing immune system and spleen function.
6.Increase the ability of the arteries to expand in size -- to improve circulation.
7.Improve the functioning of sickle cells so that they perform better to some degree, and so that they do not as rapidly clog up the spleen.

None of these actions will be total or absolute. They will, however, push the body to be increasing circulation, increasing cellular oxygenation, reducing the production of sickle cells while increasing the amount of healthy red blood cells being produced, and turning on the body’s ability to better fight infections.
Ingredients: Purified spring water,organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

Sickle Cell Elixir is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee (minus shipping cost) that crises will stop.

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