Silver 9.0 Plus

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The particles of silver in Silver 9.0 Plus are going to range in size, but the vast majority are between 144 picometers and 240 picometer (1.44 to 2.44 Angstroms) As 1000 picometers is equal to 1 nanometer, most of the silver particles are 25% or less than the size they need to be to get through the cell wall, making Silver 9.0 Plus highly absorbable and able to kill pathogens in cells.
But what really makes Silver 9.0 Plus different is an advanced proprietary manufacturing process that binds this silver to an OH water base that measures 9.0 in pH. OH water is water that has a hydrogen ion removed. Going from H2O to OH. This OH water is highly effective at absorbing acids, which includes toxins, and carrying them out of the body as water. (All toxins have an extra H ion.)

It turns out that the combination of a high pH, OH water and colloidal nano sized silver greatly increases the effectiveness of the silver. It is for this reason that Silver 9.0 Plus is much more powerful than other ionic or colloidal silver supplements.

To make it even a more powerful pathogen fighter, Oregano and Olive Leaf extracts are infused into Silver 9.0 Plus. Both of these extracts are known for their pathogen fighting abilities.

In addition, Silver 9.0 Plus is supercharged with the energetic frequencies of instructions that disrupt and kill pathogens, and as with CandElim, to deactivate spores.

Silver 9.0 Plus comes in a BPA-free plastic bottle.

Ingredients: Proprietary High-Alkalinity OH water base, Silver 300 mcg (approx 25 PPM), Trace amounts of Oregano and Olive Leaf Extract. All frequency enhanced.

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