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"Quarterly Celebration" Audio CD Subscription

Four times a year, on every March 21st, June 21st, September 21st and December 21st, we do a special channeling in California - the times of maximum energy, heralding the seasonal change. Hilarion and others channel through Jon to offer their perspectives on human events, topical information on many subjects, and powerful meditations. These group channelings are always well attended, and often very high-energy. We send the CD's out to all our subscribers the day after the channeling, so if you are interested in receiving this important information as soon as possible after the channeling, please become a subscriber. Also, your subscription supports us in doing these events. (Notes: If you have subscribed before on tape, we urge you to switch to Audio CD.) Your subscription is for one year, and will include all four audio CD's.


"Quarterly Celebration" Tape Subscription

For a limited time, we will continue to offer the Hilarion Quarterlies on audio tape. Please support our migration to modern technology by subscribing with Audio CD (above)! These are more reliable and longer lasting than tapes, and easier for us to make for you as well. Tape subscriptions are for 1 year, and will include all four audio tapes.


Instant Download of This Quarter's Hilarion Channeling

Now you can instantly download our latest Hilarion channeling, from December 21, 2018. After you've made payment, our system will immediately email you the download link. Please be sure you use a valid email address when you place your order.

This is the same channeling we send out on our Audio CD, but carefully compressed for speedy internet transfer.

Please select this downloadable version only if you have high-speed internet, such as DSL, Cable or Satellite Dish. And when you get the file, if given a choice to "Save" or "Open" the file, please "Save" it!

Before downloading, please be sure your computer can play mp3 audio files from our site, by going here, where you can download a short audio test file: AudioTestPage.


Hilarion Catalog

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