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Bamboo Wonder Wand Pro 48

Our "Bamboo Wonder Wands" are made to present large soap bubbles using recipes meant for larger bubbles. Made to last, these wands are created from bamboo for strength, removable cotton cords for cleaning, and protected tips which make for years and years of fun!
Three standard sizes available:
The Novice 36. $18.00
The Novice 48. $23.00
The Pro 48. $29.00
Young kids under five years old will like the lighter weight of the Novice 36. Older kids and all adults find using the larger novice to be a breeze. The Pro model is made for serious bubble making. My handmade two ply cord delivers lots of soap mix which means fewer dips to the container and presents some very impressive large bubbles. Prices include shipping & handling.



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