Cavalier's Scabbard

Designed specifically for serious duelists, the Cavalier's Scabbard is great looking and promotes a lightning quick draw. Made with a beautiful heavy leather, this scabbard is formed specifically to fit the Knighthawk Armoury line of swords. It is lined in a thick red suede, which is hand-stitched for exceptional durability. Each Cavalier's Scabbard can be configured for either right-handed or left-handed use, and comes in three sizes - one for each major product line. Please select the appropriate product line in the dropdown below when placing your order.

Please note that the Enhanced and the Large Cavalier's Scabbards are made to order. The Large will accommodate a standard boffer weapon.

The Cavalier's Scabbard is shown with the Mercenary's Longsword.


-length: 8.5 to 12"
-width: 6"
-inner diameter: minimum 2.4", 2.6", and 2.75 "
-material: durable heavy leather and thick red suede
-sturdy stainless steel-riveted construction
-sturdy stainless steel buckles
-gracefully chanfered corners
-specially designed for Knighthawk Armoury swords
-will accomodate belts of up to 3" in width
-configurable for left and right handed use
-drop length and hang angle both adjustable

Please specify the SIZE required when ordering by selecting the correct option from the dropdown list below.

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