Master Vampire Stakes

Master Vampire Stakes

Are people around you developing strange looking hickies? Are friends and acquaintances missing? Has the night life in your town gone to the....bats? If so, then it's obvious that you need some serious anti-vampire mojo. And the very best way to do that is to get your very own set of HEAVY-DUTY Vampire Stakes, suitable for use even on a Master vampire! With these at hand you will be the Bane of the Undead, and will be feared by your pointy-toothed enemies far and wide!

Each Vampire Stake is hand-made from a medium-duty polyurythene foam. These Vampire Stakes have no core and are safe for use in all Live Action role Playing environments. They are octoganal in shape for ease of grasping and holding. Covered with a colored latex and a sealer, they are waterproof and lightweight.

Here are some additional pictures of the Master Vampire stake:
Quiver red 1 Quiver red 2 Quiver red 3

These images compare the Master Vampire stakes with the standard Vampire stakes:
Compare Master to standard 1 Compare Master to standard 2                            


-length: from 9 to 11 inches or 22.9 to 27.9 cm
-diameter: 1.25" or 3 cm
-material: medium-duty foam
-octoganal cross section
-designed for Knighthawk Armoury
-coreless construction

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