Quick Release Scabbard Black (AZ13068)

Quick Release Scabbard, Black (AZ13068)

The intimidating highlander looks at the highwayman and his short rapier, then burst into laughter, not at all feeling threatened.
''That ? That's not a sword....''

In a quick motion, he draws a massive five feet long claymore from his back, the huge weapon striking the small sword and sending it fly down the ravine, while the warrior is still laughing loudly, his voice echoing in the valley.

''That's a sword !''

This quick release back scabbard his your greatsword carryer's best friend. The sword is held in place firmly by the scabbard, which opens and release the blade as soon as you pull up on the weapon. With this clever system, you no longer need to compromise you draw speed to gain the comfort and impressive look given by carrying your sword on your back. This accessory is perfect for any LARP sword too long to be carried on the hip, especially bastard swords and greatswords.

Here are more pictures of this ingenious Quick Release Scabbard:
Full Secured On back Released

Key Features:
  • High safety, approved by all top organizations
  • Effective greatsword carry & release system
  • Thick, durable leather
  • Antique Brass plated rivets
  • Can be fixed on the back of armor, or on one of our X or Y shaped harnesses
  • Allows to draw from the back, no matter the length of the blade
  • Extremely safe
  • The scabbard is kept closed by a wood pin
  • Tie the other end of the leather strap from the wood pin around the hilt of your sword
  • Neither sword nor harness is included

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