Scipio, The Roman Gladius Long (M105FB)

Scipio, The Roman Gladius, Long (M105FB)

Androcles Falto had been trained, since childhood, to become a great warrior. He had received difficult training which had made him the man he was today. Many had been the temptations and opportunities to commit evil, but his righteousness had become a local legend.

Today he would receive the sword that marked the end of his training and his appointment as a centurion. He knew his immediate appointment as head of a centuria would raise questions. He himself wondered why he had ever been raised to a command rank. Only time will tell, but he had no intention of being intimidated by the members of his centuria. He was now an armed, dangerous, and powerful man…

This Roman-inspired sword is of unparalleled finesse. Made of Calimacil foam, this battle-ready sword requires minimal maintenance and will give you years of fierce battles against your opponents. The anatomy of the sword, typical of Hispaniensis-type gladius, features a steel-colored oversized pommel (obviabis) with copper details, a reddish boiled leather-like hilt, and a finely crafted rounded hilt of copper details.

Obviously, this sword is ideal for characters of Roman origin such as a centurion, a legionary who would have inherited the weapon, or even a consul at the head of a legion.

It is also the perfect addition for many fantasy civilizations and will look great on any character who pays special attention to their appearance such as a Templar, a proud paladin, or even at the belt of a Norse jarl who would have won this precious trophy during a deadly joust against the invader. The simplicity of the Gladius is what gives it its blinding speed. That's why it was the chosen weapon of the Gladiators for hundreds of years. Superb at dishing out up-close and personal mayhem, this devastating blade waits hungrily for it's next battle.

Full Angle Edge Held
Handle Handle Back Pommel

Key Features:
  • A great, realistic LARP weapon
  • High safety, approved by the top organizations
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Inner fiberglass core for stiffness and strength
  • Made from durable proprietary Calimacil closed celled foam that does not shred

  • Specifications:
  • Overall: 34.6" or 88 cm
  • Blade Length: 27.6" or 70 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 1" of 2.5 cm, beveled
  • Core: Fiberglass
  • Hilt Width: 3.8"
  • Handle overall: 7.1" of 18 cm
  • Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Quantity currently in stock: 0

    For shipments outside the US, please check the USPS website to see if they will be able to ship your order. If this item does not fit within the size restrictions for your country, a shipping service other than the USPS will be required: USPS Size Limits

    Temporarily out of stock.

    Roman Gladius

    Roman Gladius (FS010)

    On sale now! Normally $90!


    -length: 31" or 79cm
    -blade: 29" long x 2.5" wide x 1.25" thick
    -blade: 73 cm long x 6 cm wide x 3 cm thick
    -blade: 3.5" widest, 2.5" narrowest, 1.25" thick
    -blade: 39 cm widest, 6 cm narrowest, 3 cm thick
    -edges: semi-beveled
    -handle: 4.5" or 11 cm
    -pommel: 3" wide x 2.5" high oval, 2" height
    -pommel: 8 cm wide x 6 cm high oval, 5 cm height
    -hilt: 4.25" wide x 2.5" tall x 2" thick
    -hilt: 11 cm wide x 6 cm tall x 5 cm thick
    -grip: firm
    -weight: 14 oz.
    -weapon tip: rounded point
    -core: fiberglass
    -core capped to prevent tearing /splitting /punch-through of the foam

    Quantity currently in stock: 0

    On sale now! Normally $90!

    Temporarily out of stock.
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