War Master's Baldric

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Designed specifically for Knighthawk Armoury, the War Master's Baldric is a serious accessory developed to hold real two-handed swords conveniently across your back as comfortably as possible. The two 3.5" stainless steel D-rings that hold a two-handed sword in place were made large enough to accommodate any of the Knighthawk Armoury line of weapons, including the various Double Headed Axes. There is also an additional 3" stainless steel ring attached to the join at the bottom of the Baldric to allow the wearer to effortlessly carry an additional weapon.

The War Master's Baldric is adjustable by 6" on the front strap and by 12" across the back strap. There are three sizes: small, medium, and large (see the dropdowns for more detail). The base straps are 3 inches in width and are extremely heavy duty. The buckles and chapes on the front and on the back allow for each segment of the Baldric to be individually adjusted for maximum comfort and ease of use.

To extract a two-handed sword from the War Master's Baldric, grasp the handle over your shoulder and lift up until the bottom of the sword clears the lower D-ring. Then lower your arm and pull the weapon away from your body to complete the extraction.

Additional images:
      Worn on back
      Weapons ready
      Front view, black & brown

You also have your choice of the type of rings you want on the Baldric. The standard "D" rings across the back, and the standard "O" ring on the bottom of the Baldric are smooth, rounded, stainless steel. If you prefer, you may replace the standard rings with Al Stohlman hardware:
      Al Stohlman D Ring
      Al Stohlman O Ring


-front strap length: 32" or 80cm (adjustable)
-back strap length: 31" or 77cm (adjustable)
-D-rings: 3.5" or 9cm width each, stainless steel
-O-ring: 3" or 7.5cm diameter, stainless steel
-base strap width: 3" or 7.5 cm
-strap material: 1/8th inch thick heavy duty leather
-ring material: stainless steel
-construction: hand stiching and stainless steel rivets
-weight: 3.5 lbs

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    Colors other than black are custom made and can take between 2 and 4 weeks to be shipped. If required, please specify your custom color preferences in the COMMENT block of the checkout process.

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