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Collins KWM-2 Transceiver with optional Noise Blanker. Overall appearance is very good. Metal case is dirty, no significant scratches or other flaws. A couple spots on top look like rust but I was able to remove it in a test spot. Front panel excellent, markings excellent front & back. Dial, dial cover and meter are excellent. All controls seem to operate. Chassis is dirty, test spots wiped off easily but there are other areas that seemed to be stained which did not clean up easily, no rust. Unit was set up about 15' from washing machine, has a slight smell of laundry room. I suppose the stains may be related. Chassis markings are excellent. Noise blanker is missing 2 tubes and shields and the cable from it is very stiff. Not tested except it powers up, lights up, no smoke. External power supply is required(not included). Approximate size 15"W, 14"D, 8"H. Amateur HAM Item #9612

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