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Radio Shack SW-100 AM CB SW1 SW2 FM TV1 TV2 AIR MX VHF Mulitiband Receiver with Direction Finder. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. Needs a little cleaning. Directional handle is very good. Carry strap is excellent. Telescoping antenna is excellent, opens fully with no binding. Grille is excellent. Front panel excellent other than a little dirt, markings excellent. Dial is excellent. Back is excellent. Battery compartment dirty, some corrosion. Original power cord is very good. Easily tuned stations up & down the FM dial. Also tuned a couple AM stations & 1 SW station in a brief test with no external antenna. Requires 4 "D" cells (not included) for portable operation. Approximate size 14"W, 6"D, 11"H. Item #9626

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