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Webcor WFM 2069 Solid State 6 Band Portable/AC Radio. Japan. AM, SW, LPB, FM, VHF and HPB. Overall appearance is very good. Fabric covering is a little dirty, otherwise excellent. Chrome trim is very good, a small amount of pitting keeps it from being excellent. Plastic handle is excellent. A small piece of decorative plastic is missing from right end of handle mount. 1 telescoping antenna is excellent, opens fully with no binding. The other antenna is missing. Door covering the dial is good, several scratches that are only finish deep. Grille has minor scratches and small dents, otherwise very good. Front panel excellent, markings excellent. Meter works. Dials and dial cover are excellent. Back is excellent. Flimsy battery carrier is broken in 1 corner(it seems they all are) & dirty. Original power cord is a bit stiff but still good. Tested on AC only. Listened to the FM band for a few hours, great volume, no hum. AM band also works well, nothing in a brief test of other bands. Requires 4 "C" cells (not included). Approximate size13.5"W, 5"D, 10.5"H. Item #9637

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