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Detrola "Junior Pee Wee" model 216 tube type AM radio. Overall appearance is excellent. There are no cracks or chips on the black Bakelite case, needs only light dusting to be ready for display. One of the pix shows what appears to be paint splatter on the front, it is not, they are just reflections. Two of the spots, however, are very slight blemishes in the Bakelite. The color is black so they are not at all obvious, I didn't even see them until I took a second look after seeing the photo. The patterns you see on the top are just reflections from the backdrop because the case is so shiny. Back is very good. Dial is excellent. Little visible chassis rust. It appears to be all original with the resistance line cord still in very good condition. Even the filter looks to be original so it could be rebuilt to keep the radio original inside & out. Not working in a brief test, hum only. Plastic. Will ship double boxed. Approximate size in inches 6.25W, 4.5D, 4.5H. Item #2942

More Pix. Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5. Pic6, Pic 7,

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