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Halson A5 "Dwarf" green Catalan. Not a common radio. Someone reworked this radio before I got it. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. No cracks, chips or significant scratches on the Catalan case. One mold mark in bottom could be mistaken for a crack but it does not go through. Grille cloth is excellent but backing inside is not original. If the grille cloth is not original it is an accurate reproduction. Dial shows some wear. Knobs not original. (Seems like every one seen at auctions has different knobs). Power cord is very good. Chassis is a little dirty, no rust. Was able to tune 1 station in a very brief test but it was popping in and out and much static. Approximate size 7"W, 4.5"D, 4.75"H. Ships double boxed. Plastic Item #3538

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