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Philco T9-126 Trans-World All Transistor Portable Radio. AM SW, battery only. Overall appearance is good. Leather covered wood cabinet is solid but has a few bare spots, mostly near corners, which can easily be seen in pics. Steel door hinges and handle hardware are rusted. Handle is sturdy and leather covering is very good. Telescoping antenna is very good, extends fully with no binding and no pitting. Leather tab to secure front door shut is gone. Elastic strap that secures the instruction book inside front door is stretched. Outermost metal trim around front panel was chromed but 99% of it flaked off, the metal itself looks pretty presentable. The other chrome trim on front panel, including the grille and knobs, is very good, should polish up nicely. Metal grille is excellent, needs a little cleaning. All panel markings are excellent. Dial is excellent, plastic dial cover has markings in left bottom corner that were not able to be removed with damp cloth, hopefully they are on the inside and will clean off easily. Back door hinges are bent which has misaligned the door slightly. Chassis is very clean, battery terminals too. Not tested. Requires 4 "D" cells + 2 for the stabilized oscillator (cells not included). Has space for 4 spares. Moderate mildew odor. It was a very strong odor when first received, spent many days out on the sunny deck this summer to get to moderate. 36 page instruction book included. Approximate size 15.75"W, 7"D, 11"H. Item #9638

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