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Magnavox 1R1214 6 Band AM/FM SW Portable Radio. Japan. Overall appearance is good. Plastic case is very good to excellent except the coin slot shows much wear. The side panels show no wear but they're sticky. Handle is very good except it shows some pitting. Telescoping antenna binds a little but does extend fully. Dial light works. Top panel very good, markings are excellent. Dial is excellent, dial cover very good. Grille is excellent except for a little splatter. Original power cord is very good, slightly stiff. Battery compartment is dirty, contacts show some corrosion but appear intact. All 7 pushbuttons operate mechanically but FM/AFC position is the only one that works electrically and it works very well picking up stations all up and down the dial, super volume and good tone. All contacts need cleaning. Sold as-is for parts or restoration. Requires 6 "D" cells(not included). Approximate size 13"W, 4"D, 10"H. Item #9628

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