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Pair of Eico HF12 tube type Mono Amplifiers. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. Painted metal cases have no flaws, need little cleaning. Perf metal grilles are excellent except for drippings on top of 1. Front panels excellent except for small scratch upper right corner of 1, markings are excellent. Power cords are a little stiff but quite usable. Label on bottom of 1 is very good other 1 missing. Chassis are a little dirty, no rust. Tubes are all Eico/Mullard except 1 Ampex ECC83 in each amp. EL84's very strong, ECC83's all strong or very strong except for 1 section of 1 tube in 1 amp is good. Worked well in extended test. Each amp measures 12"W, 9.5"D, 4"H. Shipped together double boxed Item #9563

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